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myOpenID Affiliate Program


Help your users get an OpenID

Does your website use OpenID? The myOpenID affiliate program helps users coming to your website who don't have an OpenID get one and get back to your site. Becoming an affiliate is simple and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Join the affiliate program by entering the URL of your login page here:

How does the affiliate program work?

We provide you with a special link to put on your sign in page. From there it's a three step process for your users that seamlessly gets them an OpenID at myOpenID, and signs them in to your website.

Using iconbuffet as an example, what your users will see:

Step 1: New user is at your signin/register page

Step 2: User creates an OpenID at myOpenID using your branded sign up page

Step 3: myOpenID returns the user to your website, where they get signed in automatically

Setting up an affiliate

myOpenID has the capability to automatically detect OpenID login forms. To work with the affiliate program:

  • The OpenID login form on your site must not contain any additional fields besides the OpenID identifier.
  • Your site must start the OpenID transaction directly after the user submits the login form.

Step 1:

Join the affiliate program by entering the URL of your login page here:

Step 2: Create your branded signup page

Once we have found your OpenID login form, we will return you to myOpenID so you can customize the signup page your users will see with your site's name and logo. Enter your site's name into the form and upload an image if you choose.

Step 3: Add the link we provide to your signup page

After you fill out the form, we will provide you with HTML code for the link to put on your site's signin page. The link will take your users to the customized signup page you created. After signing up with myOpenID, they will be signed into your site with their new OpenID!

Need more information from your users? Try Simple Registration!

If your website uses OpenID Simple Registration, you can prompt the user for that information in the signup process. Just add the simple registration query paramaters to your signup URL. For example: The user's registration data will not be returned to your login URL, but it will be available for you to query with an OpenID request.