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OpenID Website Enablement


Ready to accept OpenID on your website?

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The scalable, reliable OpenID Website Enablement solution that makes it easy to start accepting OpenIDs on your website today!

OpenID is evolving and organizations are recognizing the value of allowing users with an OpenID to login to their websites. By taking this important step, your company can start realizing these benefits:

  • Grow revenue by increasing conversions from site visitors to registered users
  • Lower costs associated with password management
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers using richer data captured at registration

The hosted OpenID solution offered by Janrain is a turn-key system for organizations like yours to gain a competitive advantage. Janrain delivers the world-class OpenID solution suite in the most flexible, cost effective way possible.

With Janrain's Website Enablement solution, you get:

  • A secure enterprise-class solution that allows you to accept and verify OpenIDs, receive user data instantaneously upon registration, and scales to millions of registered users.
  • Automatic upgrades, so you can be sure that you have the most current and comprehensive OpenID solution available on the market.
  • Quicker time to value-there's no software to install or maintain, which means your implementation starts building value right away.
  • World class support from the experts - our skilled team can easily assist with additional customization and answer support questions.

Key benefits of using the Janrain OpenID enablement software as a service:

Rich Features - The Janrain solution always offers state of the art OpenID functionality built in, such as Simple Registration (SREG), Attribute Exchange, microformat support (h-cards), customized ID Selector (, ability to link multiple OpenIDs to an existing registered user account, and the ability to whitelist/blacklist OpenID providers based on your specific requirements.

Interoperability - Accepting OpenIDs on your website will be a seamless experience for your users since the Janrain solution works with all the OpenID Providers (Yahoo!, AOL, Google Blogger, myOpenID, Verisign, Livejournal, and many others). In addition, our offering is compatible with all versions of the Open Source protocol (OpenID 1.x and OpenID 2.x) and is platform independent.

Time to market - Today, developers and IT departments are spending more time than they need to learning about OpenID, installing and configuring Open Source libraries, customizing and integrating with existing infrastructure, and maintaining the latest features and capabilities of OpenID. With the comprehensive Janrain solution we provide a "5 Step Guide to use OpenID" with the key information you need to implement in less than one day and you never have to worry about maintaining the software yourself.

Scalability - With the OpenID functionality being run by Janrain you can rest assured that your OpenID deployment will always be accessible and scalable to millions of registered users. We stand by this promise through an enterprise-class Service Level Agreement.

Get started on accepting OpenIDs on your site today: Contact Janrain at or 888-563-3082.